Chinazor: Of Racism and Bigotry in Tunisia

Chinazor Onianwah 
Thank you for this Chioma. Tunisia was one of the places I dreamed of visiting before my time expired. Tunisia, which used to be Carthage, was where Catholicism evolved from an African religious ritual of the burning of incense, the breaking of kola nut and the pouring of libation to ancestral spirits. Among the Igbo, it was known as Odinani. The virgin birth could also be traced to the legend of Agbala, in Igboland, said to be a virgin quadriplegic who did not get a suitor because of her physical condition but miraculously delivered twin babies. It has several variations depending on how it was transported along the trade routes to the north. When Rome finally conquered Carthage during the Punic wars, they acquired everything that belonged to the Carthaginians, including their mode of worship, which they called Catholic originating from Carthage. When Jesus asked his disciples to remember him by breaking bread and pouring wine, it was a practice of Catholicism that was in place going back 300 years before his own existence. I know many Christians would argue that Jesus Christ started Catholicism by appointing Peter to head his church. Not so. Ignorance is blissful among Christians and among Arabs who do not know the African foundation of their country.

Al Jazeera English

In Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, members of the black community say racial slurs are a fact of daily life. Discrimination, they say, occurs in every setting in Tunisia.

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