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Petraeus Turns Down Job With Trump

Petraeus Had No Other Ethical Choice Trump refused to let General Petraeus choose his own staff.  Admiral Robart Harward made the same decision. [...]

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Is McCain Ready to Show HIS Profile in Courage?

John McCain was once a major reaosn I did not call myself a Democrat. Then this hero chose Sarah Pain as his candidate for Vice President. Now, without mentioning Trump’s name once, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., showed his disdain for President Donald Trump. McCain  at the Munich Security Conference[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Defectors May Blow the Whistle on Putin-Trump Intrigues

Russian Spy Whistleblowers Turn on Putin A husband and wife who were members of the Russian parliament have defected to Ukraine. The Kremlin calls them ‘enemies of the people.’ Enemies of Putin is more like it.  They may be the west’s verson of Snowden! For the moment, at least, they say [...]

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What Trump Costs The Taxpayers?


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Patty Murry, Democrat Superstar!

WASHINGTON ― A few weeks after the 2013 government shutdown, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) compared the Republicans in the House to the preschoolers she once taught. To deal with a bunch of fractious, obstreperous 4-year-olds, she said, you need a plan. When Murray made her comparison, she was about[...]

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John Bolton for NSA?????????????????????

Cruz to Trump: Name John Bolton as national security adviser Gad,  Bolton  would win Fox News and Aryan Nations support but would anger other Republicans, other nations, our allies, and anyone who thinks the NSA director needs to be an expert in dealing with the sources of US Intelligence. Bolton [...]

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Snowbird Time