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BREAKING NEWS: Trumpist Governor Blocks Town Hall

Commander in Chief of National Guard Cancels MSNBC Town Hall Event The All In With Chris Hayes town hall event scheduled for Monday morning at the National Guard Armory in Welch, WV has been abruptly cancelled. The purpose of the event was to discuss jobs, infrastructure and McDowell’s (as wel[...]

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Will Silicon Valley Migrate to Vancouver?

In Silicon Valley, curbs on immigration could lead to a brain drain. Canada stands to benefit. Vancouver — just a two-hour flight from San Francisco — already has 75,000 tech jobs and one-third of its office space devoted to the industry. And with foreign-born tech workers worried their U.S. vis[...]

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IVANKA Inc Branches Out

Nicole Kushner, CEO of Ivanka Inc., has announced a new line of clothing for men. [...]

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TRUMPISMS: Today’s Tweet


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The State Bank

Here’s a video of the committee hearing Thursday on SB 5464-Creating the Washington Investment Trust (State Bank). Please contact members of the FII committee and ask them to pass the bill out of committee: Sen. Bob Hasegawa – Washington State Senate Democrats – VIDEO: Public hearing for b[...]

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Origins of “European Civilization”

The west traces all of our civilization to Greece because they were the first Europeans to receive it. But they are clear where they got their knowledge even if Germanic historians decided to ignore or alter the truth. Everyone had to go to Africa for knowledge. Black Wing Subversion – BWSLike[...]

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NIGERIA: Government Corruptiom

Chinazor Onianwah This is how a Nigerian government official robs the treasury. Mr. Yakubu was the executive director of Nigerian national petroleum corporation. He set up several bank accounts to deposit government receipts. But a few of them are for his own use. So whenever he feels like, he can d[...]

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