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Harming Seattle’s Homeless

David Preston   The ACLU is making good on an earlier threat and suing the City of Seattle and the WA State Department of Transportation to prevent them from removing homeless camps. People are being seriously abused in these camps, but for the ACLU and the ideologues on the City Council who suppo[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: The crops rot

Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown The day before harsh new laws came into effect, Brian Cash had 65 Hispanic men… Share THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY ED PILKINGTON[...]

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Trumpism from Utah

Chaffetz Said He Believes Town Hall Protestors Were Paid, Not From Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said that the thousands of protestors who swarmed his… Share TALKINGPOINTSMEMO.COM[...]

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An Experiment

Christopher Goodwin  FACEBOOK I have been conducting an odd experiment. Last year when moving out of a building I had leased I found 3 old style mail boxes on 4′ tall 4×4 posts and 3 wall mount mail boxes. I marked 2 of the wall mount boxes with the addresses of commercial buildings but [...]

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Lincoln’s Birthday: Lincoln’s racism

Mark Cochran FACEBOOK This picture is of 39 men that were ordered to be executed by Abraham Lincoln for treaty violations(hunting off of their assigned reservation)Yes the “Great Emancipator” as the history books so fondly referred to him as. Authorities in Minnesota asked President Lin[...]

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New Advertising From Ivanka Inc.

(TA NEWS)  Ivanka Inc, the clothing company formerly owned by Ivanka Trump, is striking back at Nordstrom with an ad campaign featuring the President’s daughter.  Nicole Kushner, CEO of the company since Ms. Trump left that position, explained that “Ivanka Inc. has every reason to show[...]

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Lincoln’s Racism

I Never Knew That Abraham Lincoln Ordered The Largest MASS HANGING IN US HISTORY, Or Why He Did… Sometimes the truth is hidden from us as kids. Should you bring it up as an adult you get ridiculed…… THREEPERCENTERNATION.COM[...]

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Where Arabs Have Free Speech and Freedom of Religion


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SUDAY REVELATIONS: Freedom to blaspheme?


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