Theresa May and Donald Trump Discuss Reunification

Theresa May is going to offer President  Donald Trump the ultimate deal …. reunification of the US and its mother country, the UK.

When she arrives in the U.S. nest Griday, Prime  Minister  May plans to welcome the new president to the global stage by offering to invite the former colonial rebels, now the now 50 states. an opportunity to renege on the Treat of Paris signed in 1783,  Cpming after the defeat at Yorktown, under the Treaty of Paris the British agreed to recognize American independence . Americans agreed to honor debts owed to British merchants from before the war and to stop persecuting British Loyalists.

Mrs. May has written to the President suggesting the two English speaking countries mutually agree to renounce the treaty.  “As we rediscover our confidence together –- as you renew your nation just as we renew ours –- we have the opportunity, indeed the responsibility, to renew the special relationship for this new age.” “We have the opportunity to lead, together, again.”

The good news for May, who’s due to meet Trump at the White House on Friday, is that he’s eager to cement relations and nail down a U.K. trade deal — for his own reasons. He’d like to further drive a wedge into a fractured Europe and strengthen at least one trade relationship as he exits the Trans-Pacific Partnership and prepares to renegotiate Nafta.

Reunification of the the U.S. and U.K. would prove that neither nation is turning inward — Trump after an election victory fueled by his “America First” campaign, and May as she takes Britain out of the European Union after last year’s Brexit referendum.


For Trump, who will also speak Thursday to the Republican lawmakers in Philadelphia, it’s a chance to show the world leaders that the US is eager to resume its post WWII role as the world’s dominant power.   He pledged then that “every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families. This can not exclude our close cousins in Britain.  The leadership provided by our two countries through the special relationship has done more than win wars and overcome adversity,”  We made the modern world. The institutions upon which that world relies were so often conceived or inspired by our two nations working together.”

Much needs to be discussed besides the Treaty.  The US is a titular democracy and it seems unlikely that Americans will accept a King.  

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