Science Hype: NASA Prepares for an alien pregnancy in space.

nasaNASA sent a miniaturized DNA sequencer designed for microgravity, called the Biomolecule Sequencer,  to the International Space Station as part of he cargo launched on July 18 aboard a SpaceX Dragon craft.

According to NASA, the miniaturised equipment  the Biomolecule Sequencer, , will allow astronauts (and presumably cosmonauts) to sequence their DNA right there on the space station.

Usually, crew members have to send samples back to Earth for sequencing, which can take months.  Of course this a terrible drag since DNA changes likley to be found by sequencing usually take years to occur .. unless we expect an astronaut to get pregnant?

Being able to sequence their own DNA right there on the station may even, NASA said, “potentially help detect DNA-based life elsewhere in the solar system.”

Remember Aliens?

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