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Warnings to The US From Berlin

Germany’s foreign minister on Sunday predicted turbulent times ahead for the world following Donald Trump’s accession to power in the United States. “With the election of Donald Trump, the world of the 20th century has definitely been overtaken,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier wrote[...]

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We meet next Monday at 7 PM in the newly named “Fremont Tavern.” Our guest is Roger Rabbit. Roger is a frequent commentator on the popular Seattle blog “HORSESASS” as well as one of the regular writers here on THE AVE.   In real life, Roger has been a soldier, a journalist, [...]

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Trump’s Solyndra


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The Glory Days of American Racism


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When a rightwing nut pulled a gun on protesters

This incident occurred on July 7, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. Throughout the video, you’ll hear a voice of reason trying to keep the crowd away from the nervous gunman, Michael Strickland, and talk Strickland into leaving. In this video, you’ll see how difficult that was. Several individua[...]

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OOOPS He forgot his pin!


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THE Ave Challenge: Were ALL Trump’s wives at the inaugural?

A. Yes, but not on the podium B. No, they were not invited[...]

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