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OBAMA: The Nazi View Farewell, You Dirty Nigger

Farewell, You Dirty Nigger Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer January 11, 2017 The reign of the monkey has finally ended. Now dawns the planet of the human beings. The exiting simian terrorist mourned that his racial overthrow program had failed. New York Times: President Obama, delivering a farewell addre[...]

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Sharing: Breast Milk?


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Trumpers back down from mortgage increase

The Trump administration quickly backed down Saturday from a move that would add $500 a year to mortgage insurance premiums paid on government-backed mortgages after its action ignited a firestorm of criticism. President Obama ordered a premium cut to offset rising interest rates before leaving offi[...]

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National Parl Service censored after inauguration tweets

The Interior Department ordered the National Park Service to cease tweeting Friday after the agency posted a photo montage comparing the turnout for Obama’s 2009 and Trump’s 2017 inaugurations and tweeted that White House pages on climate change, health care, and civil rights had been ta[...]

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First Visit of Trump Family to Oval Office

As the new First Family arrive, Melania Trump points out features shew wants to keep when the office is redecorated. ” This room needs more gold, worthy of my husband!”[...]

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Does Mr. Trump and the GOP scare me? Sure they do, and I’m scared not just for myself but for a lot of other people as well.

I decided to watch Mr. Trump’s inaugural address. Powerful words which reminded me of why he was elected, not by a majority of the people but a majority of states. I saw his audience, almost all white working class people, his forgotten America that made the bulk of his electoral victory. Ther[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Orange people have the strangest ideas.

 The Graham family hate-mongers lead the crazies. Pastor Anne Graham: God let 9/11 happen because of transgender people in bathrooms The daughter of evangelical pastor Billy Graham has suggested that God let 9/11… PINKNEWS.CO.UK|BY PINKNEWS[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Trumpian Hypocrisy on Shabbat

“RABBI GAVE US A SHABBAT PASS FOR Inauguration Friday Night” According to TMZ: Ivanka Trump and hubby Jared Kushner got special permission from a rabbi to break from Orthodox Jewish laws that ban use of technology — like cars — on the very night they’re celebrating [...]

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Man shot at UW demonstration

A 32-year-old man who witnesses said was trying to “keep peace” was shot at a demonstration on the University of Washington campus Friday night outside a speaking event featuring Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopolous. He was taken to Harborview with life-threatening injuries. Police said a [...]

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Daily Trump Cartoons from Around The World 4