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The Great Port-A-Potty Flap

For years, the same company has been providing sanitary services for inaugurals and other D.C. events. There was never any controversy in the past. But this year, they’re being required to tape over their company name. Read why here.  [...]

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Memories of 1933


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Happy Inauguration Day


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TRUMP’s Big Day


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BREAKING NEWS: The new Marine Guard will wear uniforms designed by the President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. 

(TAN, DC: April 1 2017)  Following the decision by General Mad Dog Mattis to ban female marines from combat roles, President Trump has had the lady marines transferred to the White House ceremonial detail.  “Using brave marines to serve my office is a waste of great, young men,  These brave[...]

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A Jewish Bubby Comments on Trump

Ken Waltzer My mother died over a year ago and could not have conceived of a Trump Presidency, but I think her reaction would be pretty much the one that is captured in this picture. Perfect for inauguration day. Just needs a pussy hat….[...]