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Putin Says Russia Has No Borders


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How credible is the Trump Dossier?

First, let’s start with what it’s not: (1)  It’s not an internet rumor started by some anonymous Joe Blow. The Trump Dossier was compiled by a respected retired British spy working privately at the behest of Trump’s Republican primary opponents. (2)  It’s not verifi[...]

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How are Trump’s approval ratings doing?


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Trump Lies to Press Conference

Donald Trump Contradicts Himself, and Reality, at Press Conference Trump’s fury at the news media dominated his press conference, but several other matters of real importance were raised that are worth digesting.[...]

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Barbara Bush: “I don’t know how women can vote” for Trump

Jeb Bush and his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, spoke with “CBS This Morning” anchor Norah O’Donnell about the current GOP race.[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who Is It?

A. Young Tim Kaine B. Prime Minister Trudeau at 25 C. Tom Cruise at 19 D.  Cher’s daughter before her sex change. E. Donald Trunp’s father  [...]

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Sequel to GRAVITY: coming Next Summer


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New Chapter of Drinking Liberally

Group therapy for the Trump presidency. Here is some good news ahead of the Trump inauguration: Beginning Monday, January 16th, there will be a new Drinking Liberally chapter meeting weekly at  7:00 pm at Hotel Hotel Pizza Bar (soon to be Fremont Tavern), 3517 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle. Drinking Lib[...]