The President of the United States has shown himself to be a better defender of Zionism than the Prime Minister of Israel. The Iran Deal is Working

ben Gurion Israel Respected Israel analyst Shemuel Meir reports  three critical pieces of public information:

1) Former Likud Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon, a serious hawk, has conceded that in the wake of the Iran deal Israel does not face an existential threat;

2) the Brookings Institution believes that the odds of a nuclear proliferation cascade after the deal range from slim to none; and thus:

3) everything that Bibi has predicted for the last year about the Iran deal has turned out to be flat wrong, which should not be surprising: everything he has predicted for the last *quarter-century* about Iran’s nuclear program has been flat wrong.

Now, of course, things could change. But so far, the right wing hawks, settler fanatics and American right wing have all been wrong.


Despite what Israel’s prime minister may have you believe, the Iran nuclear deal…

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