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Thoughts about snowflakes

Because you are a special snowflake, who really, really believes in what you’re doing; your feelings about something make you so special that the law just ceases to apply to special little you. “It’s the religious far-right’s ‘special snowflake’ syndrome. ThatR[...]

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Schumpeter’s Birthday

Joseph Schumpeter died 64 years ago today. from Cafe Hayek   Imagining the long-term rise in living standards that are still to come if markets are kept sufficiently free of government meddling and anti-commercial prejudices isn’t easy in detail.  Who today can predict specifically just how[...]

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David Neiwert: Hating Hillary

David Neiwert Yet again, I find it fascinating that nearly every single ‘progressive’ I’ve seen pooh-poohing the fact that Russia’s intelligence services conducted an all-out cyberattack on America’s election system, with the full intent of undermining our democracy, is[...]

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Radical Republicans


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No, The Second Amendment Does Not Mean You Can Own a Bazooka, Hand Grenade, or Machine Gun

Machine Guns Are Not Protected By The Second Amendment, Appeals Court Rules Consistent with prior precedent, the court found machine guns to be “dangerous and unusual” weapons. CLARIFICATION: Language has been updated to indicate that machine guns manufactured prior to 1986 may still be lawfull[...]

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Kissinger on Trump


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Christians throng to church every Sunday to bless their pastors or preachers. He reminds them that the Lord loves a cheerful giver, so they give more, cheerfully. Meanwhile, he tells them to wait on the lord for their own blessings. There are two billion Christians on earth. I know Jesus works mirac[...]