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Mourning Leiah and The Death of the Republic


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A Rabbinical Comment on the UN Security Council Resolution

T’ruah Statement on UNSC Resolution “T’ruah has long advocated for an end to occupation, which violates the human rights of Palestinians while threatening the safety and security of Israelis. The expansion of settlements involves land theft, as well as the blocking of access to land an[...]

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Trumpism: Polls


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The Chicken Returns

I heard him crow… up close and loud. I was sitting in the cool morning in the courtyard here, typing. I usually leave the door to my quarters open to let out the hot air, and the old-guy smells accumulated overnight. There’s a point each morning when the sun overcomes the morning cool an[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Inside the ceiling of Notre Dame B. Inside a guitar C. Restaurant in Vancouver, BC D. Theatre design by Gehry E. Inside sloop America[...]