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Obama May Have Force Fed Peace

Ken Waltzer FACEBOOK  Some thoughts on what the UN Security Council resolution 2334 might mean and about what is next. Meantime, despite all the good diplomatic action de-isolating Israel by initiatives involving Africa, former Soviet republics, some Arab states, China, even Russia, the UNSCR 2334 [...]

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Day after Christmas


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It’s The Settlements Stupid

Americans for Peace Now Barak Ravid: “The U.S. warned Netanyahu for eight years that his policy would have a price, but he didn’t listen. He preferred pacifying the settler lobby instead of making a plan of action. He has only himself to blame . . . There are many precedents for American pre[...]

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Weimar Republic

“Brüning was replaced as Chancellor by a man few Germans had heard of, Franz von Papen. Though he was a member of the Catholic Centre Party, his political experience had been largely confined to the Prussian Landtag. Far from being a typical Weimar deputy, he was a wealthy aristocrat and reti[...]

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Boating Season at Christmas Time Tags!


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Fourth Night of Hanukkah

ANTISEMITISM, the Gift that Defines Hanukkah[...]

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Michael Hood   A real Haitian Christmas feast

I was surprised one day as I sat in the courtyard, moping over my text, to see my friend Juana come tentatively into the yard bearing a little covered stainless pot, the kind you might see on a hospital tray. Juana was my cook last year and though she spoke zero English, and I no […][...]

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Virtual Reality from ISS