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So, A Billionaire White Guy Becomes President and The Tea Party Morphs Into the Spendthrift Party,

Report: Freedom Caucus Members Are Ready To Cave On Fiscal Austerity Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus may be shifting their uncompromising, tough budget stance under President-elect Donald Trump, according to a report in the National Review.  [...]

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Recreating Great Art for Christmas


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Portland will tax public companies where CEO pay is 100 times employee average

The  City Council in Portland, Oregon, voted on December 7th to impose am executive-pay surcharge as a percentage of what a company owes on the city’s so-called business license tax,  Publicly traded companies whose chief executives earn more than 100 times the median pay of their rank-and-file [...]

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92nd anniversary: Hitler released from prison, what next?

Hitler Dec 21 1924[...]

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Happy Yalda

  Shab-e Yalda: The solstice is also associated with the birth of Mithra, a yazata that has become strongly associated with the light of Ahura Mazda. The word yalda is actually Persian for “birth.” Yalda as Cultural Holiday: While the majority of Persians are now Muslims, Yalda is still[...]

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Trumpism of the day

Flynn: “Islam Is A Cancer; Real Religions Like Christianity Or Judaism Never Called For Murdering People” Perhaps General Flynn should ask the victims of Christian slavery in Africa or the murderous crusades in the Middle East, or the extermination of k’san and Native Americans, or the ter[...]