Trump Picks Ultranationalist as Ambassador to Isreal

david-friedman-reump-with-kippaDialog on FACEBOOK:
Ken Waltzer
Disgusting pick, pro-settlers, ultranationalist, anti two state solution, calls people who are liberal Jews not Jews and kapos. Besides the fact, he has no relevant experience except fronting for Friend of Bet El.

Bryce Sandler Bryce Sandler At this point, do you really think a “two state solution” is anything more than an aspirational dream?
Ehud Goldman pro seltters is a bad thing? i dont know what make him ultranationalist? the two solution was never a real thing. liberal jews do get money from people who want to kill jews and israel and do work agasint israel. by the soros was much worse than a kapo
Eli Ben-Joseph What I dislike about Trump is his willingness to say anything to win support, and although I don’t care for some of Friedman’s language, the essence of what he says seems all right to me.
Ken Waltzer Sorry guys, this brand of Zionism of the land, this renaissance of dreams of Greater Israel, is a dangerous way to go– and explicitly opposes the earlier Zionist dream of a Jewish state and equality before the law. it ratifies the ultranationalist tendency in the current Israeli govt and will lead to great difficulties, Ehud Goldman, Friedman throws his word kapos at liberal Jews who continue to believe some two state solution is the way to go, Not just Soro. Not just J street. I, who study prisoner functionaries in the camps, take it deeply personally.
Eli Ben-Joseph We’ll have to agree to disagree.
Bryce Sandler The settlement issue – or what I call Jewish subdivisions- is a boogeyman issue put forth by Israel’s enemies and should be given no legitimacy by the US body politic.
Ken Waltzer C’mon Bryce, “boogeyman,” how so? Creating facts on contested land? Continuing to build? Not saying Palestinians don’t carry the greatest burden for the failure of peace. But this is a game two sides continue to play.
Ehud Goldman Greater Israel? what is that? they are equality before the law were they dont? in 1948 whan my grandfther came to israel he soo his kapo he take his gun and shoot him right there and than you dont need to tall me.
Ken Waltzer YOu want to unpack that nugget?
Bryce Sandler If at a time of mutual negotiation Israel should decide to tear down any of these neighborhoods so be it- that is an internal issue for Israel to decide (which has precedent via Sinai). I would expect the Knesset to weigh in on a zoning issue I have w the city of Royal Oak, Michigan.

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