testThe Navy is ready and capable of boosting production of new ships if President-elect Donald Trump makes good his vow to expand the U.S. Navy to 350 ships, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson told Reuters.

This is all part of another Trump lie that the American military is underfunded. A new investigative report exposed $125 billion in administrative bloat.  It is hard to see Trump’s choice of “Mad Dog Mattis” as the sort of secretary of Defense needed to refomr this mess. mattis-ico

Meanwhile Trump is getting ready to build a bigger Navy. The new President plans to put an aircraft carrier in Lake Washington, deepen the Rio Grande so we can patrol it with Zumwalt class destroyers, and place a new fleet on the Great Lakes to repel invasion from Canada.

Shifting the current target of 308 ships upwards would be “remarkably easy” as long as there is funding to pay the bill.

Then there is the issue of cutting taxes while finding money for staffing, training, maintenance, infrastructure,  munitions, aircraft, and orders for submarines, destroyers, amphibious ships and more carriers to protect the new ships. All of this PLUS replacing the messed up J35 fighter planes and building a few ice breakers for the US Coast Guard!

Its just money!



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