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Being black in India 

“The other day, someone spat at me,” said Hassan Mubarak, a Nigerian student who has lived in Greater Noida, a city outside Delhi, for three years. “They run away like I’m a monkey, just because of the color of my skin? It saddens me deeply.” Abstracted from Global Post NEW DELHI, India [...]

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Trump adviser implicated in ‘Pizzagate’

You’ve probably heard of this guy by now. On Sunday, Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, invaded a popular Washington D.C. pizza parlor with a rifle and handgun to “self-investigate” a supposed child sex trafficking ring that Hillary Clinton allegedly ran there. He told the cops he planned t[...]

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Anniversary: Prohibition ends


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Apple Takes on Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, GM, Google, Toyota

NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) — According to a letter from the company to the U.S. transport regulators which is revealed by some media this week, Apple declared its interest in self-driving vehicle technology, adding that the company “is excited about the potential of automated systems in [...]

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 The Navy is ready and capable of boosting production of new ships if President-elect Donald Trump makes good his vow to expand the U.S. Navy to 350 ships, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson told Reuters. This is all part of another Trump lie that the American military is underfunde[...]

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Warren Buffett Doesn’t Think Donald Trump Will Send the Economy Off Course

 Reassurance? [...]

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“About half of the homes sold in Seattle’s suburbs are going to Chinese buyers”

Vancouver Housing Tax Pushes Chinese to $1 Million Seattle Homes Just a few days after Vancouver announced a tax on foreign property investors, Seattle real estate broker Lili Shang received a WeChat message from a wealthy Chinese… BLOOMBERG.COM[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Ben Carson to Head HUD

This may be a good choice.  Carson undoubtedly has FARS, but he also a tough and smart man with credibility no other Republican has in the African American community.  He could be a voice for reforming the urban ghettos.[...]

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Is Austria on The Edge of Neofascism? A Warning

Auschwitz survivor asks Austrians to remember the past  A holocaust survivor has issued an appeal – now going viral – to young people in Austria urging them to think carefully about who they vote for in the upcoming presidential election, to stop history from repeating itself. FPÖ comp[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

Hint: Its named “DAVE”[...]