EJ Dionne is too old, too out of the fray, and too damn white curtain liberal to be taken seriously.


REAL CLEAR POLITICS The complacency (of the Democrats) is obvious: Until about 9 p.m. Eastern time on Nov. 8, supporters of Hillary Clinton (myself included) were certain that Donald Trump’s weaknesses among women, nonwhite voters and younger Americans would prevent him from becoming president. E.J. Dionne

 Even as Clinton’s majority in the popular vote approaches two and a half million, it is time for truth telling.  The Dem Party’s focus on race, gender, immigrant status, etc. etc. is terrible

With FOX News spouting its version of reality in every bar across the US, evangelicals voting nearly 100% for Trump, and Hispanics recognizing their common cause with “white” America, the Democratic party needs to come out of its self pitying funk. As phony as Trump’s calls out to coal miners, evangelicals  and workers from rusty assembly lines  may be, the people heard his calls. 
Dionne is just wrong.  “Enlarging” identity politics will not work for the Dems any more than calls for “democracy” protected the Italians from Mussolini.    
When Dems accept the Opportunitydemonization of cops or push white guilt, or trivialize the reality that the rust belt is NOT coming back ,,, the Dems lose.
An especially horrid meme used by the DP has been the concept of people of color. The term simultaneously trivializes the all too real issues faced by African Americans and insults Hispanics and other immigrants who rightfully believe that the American Dream includes becoming “white.”
The same can be said of the demonization of American history. The warts on our shared heritage are real but so is the justifiable pride in the founders. When we want the whole world to accept Jeffersonian democracy, the focus on his slaves is a form of societal self flagellation.
The meme I want is Jefferson. His simple concept of opportunity “sells” what is best in America: The idea that all Americans should have equal opportunity does not mean everyone is equal but it does mean that a Trumpian cabinet made of billionaires with inherited wealth should be repulsive,

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  1. theaveeditor #

    “If you don’t understand how such nonsense is creating young Republicans by the truckload, you’re not paying attention. As one of my smarter friends has observed, it also “tends to paralyze young Democrats. How can you work for social change when everybody is limited to their own class/race/gender?”
    Well, you can’t. My own experience has been that trying to reason with identity-obsessed social justice warriors is like being mobbed by crows—not so much harmful as exhausting. In practice, there are few ideas more illiberal than the notion that demography is destiny.”
    Every time you call someone out on their privilege this and that, you create a Trump supporter. I think that the original intent of this sentiment is a good one, that comes from a place of wanting to highlight and in turn help alleviate oppression but somewhere along the way all those SJWs became huge assholes.