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Chinazor Onianwah 
 Nsibidi is more than just symbols. This was the precursor to Sumerian cuneiform and then the Egyptian hieroglyphs 3000 bc. We accept the fact that humans emerged from Africa and migrated to the rest of the world since 60,000 bc. But it’s hard to accept that they were intelligent before their migration. The migration of modern humans out of Africa, equipped with language, iron making skills, a knowledge of social structure, religion, agriculture, and geography, began in the Nok region of Nigeria. It was also known as the Bantu Migration or Bantu Expansion. However, the migration took a new turn in the south Eastern region of the Niger delta when the Efik and Igbo secret cults developed a form of writing and communication known as Nsibidi. I was privileged to learn nsibidi in elementary school in Ibusa before the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-1970. The reason many Nigerians do not know their history is because a bunch of nincompoops taught them religion both Christianity and Islam. So 10,000 years of civilization and artifact become symbols of idol worship. Meanwhile these stolen artifacts continue to draw great admiration in European and America museums.

Iyabo Onipede I almost did not share this because of the nastiness of your commentary. You always have such good stuff on your wall and then you spoil it will abusing religion. Yes, in this case, religion did bad things. But I wonder, can we tell the truth without insulting others? I just wonder.


Chinazor Onianwah
Chinazor Onianwah Iyabo Onipede, religion abused me first. If not for religion you and I would have been like needle and thread going places. Yeah! You know what I mean.


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Pius Richy
Pius Richy My broda inlaw, i totally agree with u dat civilization started in africa but look at africa today, we can,t even leap over a small drainage cos of d evil in us.


Chinazor Onianwah
Chinazor Onianwah Don’t forget who the people elected. Democracy is better than any other form of government but it is not for illiterates. Where in the world do smart people elect illiterates? The answer is Nigeria? And where are the most uneducated Nigerians? In the north but for one reason, not because they are not smart, someone told them to memorize the Quoran and nothing else. Then they elect Buhari.


Wura Jai A
Wura Jai A My brother Chinazor, you are so right o jare. Our true history had been hidden for so long. Sometimes I cry when I came across a lot of our history that is now coming to light small small that we never knew or was taught about. We’ve been deceive that See More

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