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538: Huskies have 13% chance at national championship!


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BREAKING: WTO rules against Boeing’s state tax breaks

“A World Trade Organization panel on Monday ruled that Washington state offered billions in illegal tax breaks to plane maker Boeing, and that the U.S. government must take action to end the plans within months.” Read story here.[...]

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Happy 54th Birthday to Jon Stewart, nee Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz

“It’s a boy” from Haaretz with insertions and deletions. Marian and Donald Leibowitz likely screamed in joy on November 28, 1962, when blue-eyed baby Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz arrived in the world at a New York City maternity ward. Marian, daughter of a Jewish fur-making immigrant from China, [...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Let’s end taxes on the rich!

Paul Ryan: ‘It’s Not Harmful’ That Trump Hasn’t Paid Taxes In Nearly Two Decades (VIDEO) In a show of support for Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he doesn’t believe that The New York… PROUDEMOCRAT.COM[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Snowflake B. Detail, Chagall painting C. Computer chip D. Protein crystal E. Detail, ceiling Mumbai synagogue  [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Rumors Point to Petraeus as Trump’s SOS


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Being Black in Putin’s Russia

Black skin remains extremely rare in Russia. One estimate says that there are between 40,000 and 70,000 Russians of full or mixed-African heritage. Kevin O’Flynn, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  Image 1: “African-Russians activists demonstrate in a march against racism in the Volga city of Niz[...]