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November 26th, 2016 - 12:52 pm § in America, Donald Trump

TA News: Trump Family Photographs


November 26th, 2016 - 12:25 pm § in America, UW

UW Huskies have 1 chance in 14 of being the champs!

538’s  Neil Paine gives Huskies 7% chance at winning the college football championship before fridays’s blowout in the Apple Cup! MAKES PLAYOFF WINS NAT’L TITLE TEAM CONFERENCE PROB CHANGE PROB CHANGE Alabama SEC 90% -1 36% -2 Clemson ACC 78 +8 16 +3 Ohio State Big Ten 60 +5 19 +2 Mi[...]

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Photography: Click to see more pictures


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Dan Savage on Liberal Hypocrisy

Dan Savage Has Had Enough Of ‘Pasty White’ Jill Stein Supporters Only privileged groups can afford to risk a Trump presidency, the podcast host argued in an epic rant. HUFFINGTONPOST.COM[...]

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APPLESAUCE: Ridiculous iPhone accessories

  The Steadicam Smoothee With iPhone 5 Mount takes the same technology found on expensive Hollywood Steadicam rigs and shrinks it down to the perfct size for home and vacation use. Simply snap your iPhone 5 into the specially designed mount, grip the handle, and float your camera smoothly and e[...]

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1926-2016 Ecstatic crowds celebrate in Miami’s “Little Havana.”[...]