UW President on why the UW is unique

uw-husky-pride-icoAna Mari Cauce FACEBOOK  I have personally always preferred the objective rankings (of colleges and universities.).  Of course UW does best in these. But truth is that info is most relevant for grad and professional students or those getting a 4 yr “professional” degree as in business or engineering or computer science. It also matters to undergrads who are grad school bound. Interestingly, the data suggests for upper-middle class kids or those from educated families, precisely those who obsess most about rankings, where they go doesn’t matter that much. But it does much more for low income kids or those from underrepresented groups. I think it’s partly because for these kids it puts them together with peers with high aspirations, but also because they need that pedigree to get them behind initial biases. I honestly don’t think Obama would be where he is if he had gone to Santa Clara.
Claire Petersky “Barry” was in a number of my classes, because we were the same year, both Poli Sci majors – we were in the same discussion group for American Political Ideas and Institutions. Would he be where he is if he hadn’t been at my school? He was damn smart, that was for sure.

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