Our Nonfunctional City Council 2

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Jordan Royer's photo.(Oct 10) Fantastic day celebrating the dedication of the new building for the Seattle Maritime Academy in the heart of Ballard. The Academy is part of the Seattle Central College and supported by $20 million from the state. College President Sheila Edwards Lange was there as well as House Speaker Frank Chopp, Gael Tarleton, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Port Commissioners Tom Albro and Fred Felleman, and many others. This is a big deal for Ballard and for the maritime industry. Too bad there were no city councilmembers there. The picture on the left is the Bridge Simulator. The picture on the right is Speaker Chopp who gave a full-throated appreciation of the maritime industry and the jobs it represents.

Jordan Royer's photo.
Kate Martin Kate Martin The City Council seems to want to see the demise of the maritime industry. There were no City Councilmembers at the christening of the Blue North state of the art fishing vessel last month, either. The planners drool about condos and coffee shops and bars where now we have Port operations and they do everything they can to make it hard for the maritime businesses in Ballard.
Diane Rose Vincent Diane Rose Vincent at minimum, the District CM? is that Mike O’Brien?
Kate Martin Kate Martin We have a mayor and a bunch of folks representing us at the City Council who are shills for their lobbyist special interest campaign funders and meanwhile they’re selling our city’s viable employment sectors down the river… As my older son said at thSee More
Kate Martin  Kate Martin Gael Tarleton Diane Rose Vincent Word on the street is that Mike copped out by not running for an at-large position so he could run for mayor next year and still keep his $110K job if that didn’t work out. We need a real Ballard representative. I don’t think we have that. Hard to overcome an incumbent’s money machine, however.

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