Chinazor Onianwah: Morality and Autism

I’m sure the mother of this autistic child would be roundly condemned by anyone and everyone. Especially if the rest of us are such perfect humans and of course God-fearing. Some people just happen to have all their desires met by one little knock on the door of Jesus. “Just give it to Jesus,” they’d say. And if you do and Jesus didn’t budge, it’s the devil you are. It’s that simple. This woman has two children with autism. Digest that for a minute. For those who have no clue what autism is, you are so blessed and Jesus just happen to love you too much. This is what it is like- a 10 year old child or 15 or 20, unable to talk, unable to take a bathe by him/her self, or wipe. And sometimes in the public, grabs anyone’s food or drink at McDonald or the restaurant, or breaks lose and dashes off on the highway. Can you run and catch your child before he is ran over by a fast car? Could you get any kind of care-giver that could care for this child as lovingly as you can. How about the impact on your marriage if you’re that lucky, or the impact on your other children. Or your ability to pursue a career. Or your social life with friends and family? Now you get an idea. Then multiply all I have said by two children with autism or 3 with autism. Now you can go ahead and condemn this mother, a drug addict, for letting her autistic child die.

“I just kept thinking for God to take my baby away from the pain and misery because that’s all I have.”

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