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November 14th, 2016 - 6:08 pm § in Misc., Russia

MiG Crashes Off of Russia’s Antique Aircraft Carrier

A Russian MiG-29k jet just crashed during its debut off the Syrian coast The jet crashed in the Mediterranean Sea while trying to land on Russia’s sole aircraft carrier, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Monday in a statement. As Russia’s lone aircraft carrier and the Russian navy’s flagshi[...]

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Chinazor Onianwah: Morality and Autism

I’m sure the mother of this autistic child would be roundly condemned by anyone and everyone. Especially if the rest of us are such perfect humans and of course God-fearing. Some people just happen to have all their desires met by one little knock on the door of Jesus. “Just give it to J[...]

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CHINA: A New Moon Rises Over the Wailing Wall

 China, as the rising  world power, could become the “go to” peace maker. Trump’s campaign rhetoric was jingoistic and anachronistic. His US will move to an isolationist and nationalist  pettiness that  abandons the  traditional role of the US, as heir to the British Empire[...]

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Is There a Serious Thought Behind Reaganomics?

Worth our read. Unlike the Donald’s incoherent speeches, this article by Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to Trump, makes a stab at some specificity. Some of it is interesting, esp. the stuff about tax reform.  A real effort could give the GOP a place to hide otherwise off the box expenditures [...]

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China’s Final Solution to Its Jewish Problem

Chinese Jews of Ancient Lineage Huddle Under Pressure By CHRIS BUCKLEYSEPT. 24, 2016 People playing mah-jongg in an alley in what was the Jewish neighborhood of Kaifeng, China, next to the site of the old synagogue. KAIFENG, China — The rooms where ruddy-faced Chinese men and women once assembled [...]

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AFTER TRUMP: The Harvest Moon

2016 If you only see one astronomical event this year, make it the November supermoon, when the Moon will be the closest to Earth it’s been since January 1948. During the event, which will happen on the eve of November 14, the Moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than [...]

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At a minimum, James Comey has lost control of the FBI. Restoring trust is  urgent.  It must be done indpendently of the Clinton Administration. If Comey is as good as President Obama says, then the FBI director needs to declare that HE is requesting help from an outside agency to investigate and r[...]