Trumpism is a form of fascism

Trumpism is a form of fascism

Is Donald Trump a Fascist?  He may well be, but sadly most Americans, on the right and the left, do not understand what a fascist is.

Trump’s crude language does not mean he is a bigot like Hitler. Some of Trump’s best friends are gay.  His daughter is an orthodox Jew. Trump’s first lawyer, the infamous Roy Cohn, was both gay and Jewish.

I am not worried about Trump sending Jews or blacks or gays to camps.

But Trump does scare me. His meme of “Make America Great Again” and his rhetoric about immigrants and minorities certainly echoes the words of Mussolini.  He may not be a bigot, but he has sown seeds of bigotry that could overwhelm our democracy. He is a fascist. 

fascism-icoTrump is a fascist but not in the sense of the common epithet. Fascism today is an epithet reflecting Nazism, the racism of Hitler’s Germany.  

Trump is not a Nazi but his movement may be Nazism.

History: The term began as a philosophy of governance growing out of  the idea that nationalism could be harnessed with corporate power to create a great economy.

It Italy fascism grew under the meme of restoring the glory of the Roman Empire. Mussolini’s  Italy rejected the bourgeois values of democracy as well as liberal free market global economics of America andfascism-defines the Marxism of the Soviets.

The right-wing Italian Nationalist Association (ANI) claimed that Italy’s economic backwardness was caused by corruption within its political class.  Taking their name from the ancient Roman symbol of authority, the
Italian movement became known as Fascism. 
 Fascism celebrated heroism, patriotism, and imperialism.  The ANI held ties and influence amongst conservatives, Catholics and the business community.   

“There seems to be no question that [Mussolini] is really interested in what we are doing and I am much interested and deeply impressed by what he has accomplished and by his evidenced honest purpose of restoring Italy.” FDR

Trumpism is too easy to pass off,


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