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Commentary by David Brewster: Maybe Leaderless is Good?

David Brewster Fascinating times for Democrats, now leaderless. The article contends that the Dems were so occupied in rescuing the economy during Obama years, and then coalescing around Hillary, that they have not really debated whether to be the party of sane liberal capitalism/globalism/identity [...]

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AFTER TRUMP: “Rejoice, he will show America’s ugly face,” ISIS TWEETS

“I am optimistic about Trump’s victory because he is a stupid, arrogant, hubristic bull who is dumber than (George W) Bush,” said another. “Trump’s vulgarity will embarrass (Arab) tyrants and enlarge the field of jihad,” one poster wrote on an Internet chat forum used by IS supporters. &[...]

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Tech Wonders


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De Niro on Trump


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Europe’s Far Right Celebrate

The congratulations began even before it was clear Donald Trump would triumph in the American presidential election, and they continued the next day as leaders of the European far right, who’d made common cause with some of the Republican presidential nominee’s stated policies, reveled in what t[...]

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Mike Pence, Hypocrite

 Dwight Burke FACEBOOK When I was discussing the Trump cabinet I didn’t forget VP Spence. It is such a target rich environment that I have reserved something special for this so called man of god. Spence is the biggest, bible thumping, hypocrite that I have ever seen in public office. With g[...]