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Why does the right misquote the founders?

  Stephen Schwartz Why do you make up quotes?   Bill Zimmer It doesn’t say quote!![...]

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Why I Oppose ST3

The transit issue’s different parts all relate to questions of density. CALCULATE YOUR COSTS HERE 1. Trunks: If we want Everett and Tacoma to develop vertically and do to want them to create suburban sprawl, we need to fund high speed, frequent transport between the urban centers. We ought not[...]

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Pramila Jayapal Responds Well to Charges: Now she should follow up with a public apology for calling Brady a racist and sexist.

 GOOD STEP!  After throwing a tantrum  because her opponent, Brady Walkinshaw reported that an independent group had rated Pramila Jayapal as among the state’s least effective elected Senators, Jayapal seems to have backed off and offered a much better defense . The list here is  a tribute[...]

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After Trump Tags! .. CLICKME


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Sound Transit ST3: A Thoughtful Analysis