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Racism and Pot


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Juror blames prosecutors for Malheur acquittals

A juror in the Oregon wildlife refuge case told a Portland newspaper that prosecutors simply failed to make their case that the armed militants conspired to commit illegal acts.  Meanwhile, a University of Washington law professor suggests the prosecutors made a tactical mistake by not charging the[...]

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Pure Racism and BS From The Stranger

After Brady Walkinshaw ran a factual ad about Pramila Jayapal’s record as a  state senator, the Jayapal campaign came out with a response worthy of Trump. The campaign, with its huge funding advantage form East Coast pacs ran ads denying the facts that Jayapal has not been an effective Sena[...]

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Stern on Trump

Because he interviewed Donald Trump so many times over the years, Howard Stern has become an unlikely central figure in this year’s presidential election, most notably by getting Trump to go on the record in favor of the Iraq War in 2002. But the SiriusXM host rarely discusses politics, which make[...]

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North Dakota Them vs Us


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Trump of the Day

Donald Trump Stands A Real Chance Of Being The Biggest Loser In Modern Elections The magic number is 37.4 percent — and some polls show him below that. Share HUFFINGTONPOST.COM[...]

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Whither Pramila ? .. REPOSTED FROM May 11

Does her campaign know who lives in her district? I got called tonight from Washington ??DC??  by a Pramila Jayapal volunteer trying to get me to sign up.   I told the volunteer I had been interested in working for the campaign because I have been impressed by Ms. Jayapal’s abilities in or[...]

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Xi Crowns Himself as China’s New Emperor

Xi Jinping ‘Core’ Leader Chinese  officials have begun a campaign of acclaim calling  for “absolute loyalty” to Mr. Xi and “absolute authority” for the leader. ( BEIJING NYT, adapted) — The  Communist Party elevated President Xi Jinping to “core” leader, putting him in the [...]