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Election 2016: THE SENATE

With an influx of new data, the HuffPost Senate forecast indicates that Republicans have a 38 percent chance of keeping the majority. Democrats have a 30 percent chance of taking an outright majority, and there’s a 32 percent chance that the chamber will split 50-50.[...]

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The Mrs Trump

“TRUMP’S MISTRESS CHEATS ON DONALD WITH TOM CRUISE,” a cover story, dated March 27, 1990, alleged, promising “sizzling details inside.” (Another issue from that same month declared that “TRUMP MISTRESS IS PREGNANT,” leading to Ivana Trump’s “heartbreak.”) The mistress in ques[...]

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The Jayapal Campaign Plays its “Trump Card.”

The Jayapal campaign  smells bad to me .. not very different from Trump’s complaining he is losing because the election is fixed. To adapt a quote from  Barack Obama “I’d invite Ms. Jayapal  to stop whining and go try to make her case to get votes.” On FACEBOOK, the Pramila Jayapal C[...]

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After Trump: Is Hillary Clinton the next Nixon?

Tom Corddry  FACEBOOK I’m thinking this morning that Hillary Clinton is more than passingly comparable to, of all people, Richard Nixon. Like Nixon, she’s very intelligent, exceptionally persistent in her ambition, forever suspicious and forever suspected, very hard-working, and a magne[...]

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TRUMPISM: It’s past midnight

Mike James It’s past midnight, and the mood of the now finished GOP convention still hovers in the room – its derision of Hillary Clinton, its dark portrayal of American life, its glossing of fact, its absence of precise alternatives to the present – and with it the sense, a forebo[...]

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TRUMPISM: I ask again: Is this the future you want for your daughters?

  (from RNC)  With Mike Pence poised to take the stage tonight to formally accept the GOP nomination for vice president, I can’t stop thinking about a bill he signed into law just months ago as governor of Indiana. The bill makes abortion illegal in the case of fetal abnormalities. You see,[...]

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What’s the matter with Kshama Sawant?

From the blog Quixotic: October 21, 2016 Meet Kshama Sawant: Seattle councilmember. Socialist firebrand. Enfant terrible. For as big a hit as she’s been in Seattle, I’ve never felt that she really got this town. Oh she gets a part of it, all right. The young part, certainly. The tech part. The h[...]

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Guess who came to dinner!