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Chris Wallace .. FAUX News claims of credibility

Wallace has gotten a lot of undeserved credit for his performance at debate 3 Lets start with a simple fact, he is not the son of Mike Wallce, except by a biological accident.  Chris W was born to Mike W but the Wallaces had a divorce and the younger W was raised by Ed Leonard, […][...]

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Paris (AFP) – From Brexit to the rise of Donald Trump, 2016 has been a humbling year for political forecasters. In France, could they be wrong again in writing off the far-right’s prospects in next year’s presidential election? Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National F[...]

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Cute Dog Picture


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After Trump: SCOTUS

I suspect that the GOP will fnd its senses and confirm Justice Merrick Garland.  The Democrats will grudgingly go on, knowing that President Clinton will have at least two appointments in her first term. Garland will change the court but in ways that are not at all like the fevered claims of The D[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: A Century and a half after the Civil War, South Carolina remains true to its colors.

  Living in a state where college presidents dress up as Confederate generals and where there is an annual holiday to celebrate the romance of the confederacy, how is this a surprise? The sad thing is the self serving and self satisfied folks who move there, living a fantasy, celebrating when it to[...]