Bernie Sanders Pops Up in Seattle To Support his Candidate, Ignores Rest of the Democratic Ticket

Senate Update: Clinton Is Surging, But Down-Ballot Democrats Are Losing Ground

Neither Hillary nor Sanders seem to be doing much for local candidates.  Worse, Sanders is campaigning against local Democrats in Seattle. 

Bernie-Sanders-Washington-Caucus-450x270Here in Seattle and WASTATE, Sanders is campaigning against Brady Walkinshaw, an outstanding  progressive democrat from Seattle.  He is campaigning for two other congressional candidates — Nevada’s Lucy Flores  already has lost her election and Ruben J. Kihuen, a progressive Democate is running there against the GOP’s Cresent Hardy and Seattle native Zephyr Teachout who is running in New York’s 19th CD against the GOP’s  John Faso.

Carpetbagging: Teachout is favored to win on NY’s 19th but there  is  a big issue .. she is carpetbagger.  Though she has lived in a rental house in Duchess County, after being born in Seattle Teachout grew up in Vermont before moving to Brooklyn.

The same issue characterizes our own Pramila Jayapal.  Pramila lives in another district, CD 9,  that she herself helped create as a “District of Color.”  Her District was gerrymandered to bring in a mix of immigrants and African Americans.  Pramila touts her Hindu origins a making her a person of color and it was widely assumed she intended to run for Congress from the District of Color.  When Jim McDermott announced he was not running for re-election, chose to run against Brady rather than challenge her own Congressman, Adam Smith.  Smith is best known for his strong  support of the defense  industry .  Smith’s  largest donor is Northrup Grumman.   Not only does Northrup not have any businesses in Smith;s District, the company is  a major competitor for Boeing military contracts.

Of course Smith is grateful that she did not run and he HE has also endorsed Pramila!

Meanwhile, over 80% of Pramila’s support is coming from outside sources, largely PACS protected by the Citizens Image result for Money talks cartoonUnited decision.  

 So why is Sanders wasting key resources, even appearing this Saturday  here for Jayapal?

She supported Sanders in Bernie’s race to be President.  EGO rules. 

Meanwhile, neither Sanders, Clinton, the DNC, nor the state dems are doing pakootasanything to support Joe Pakootas.

Who is Joe?  A BERNIE SUPPORTER running to replace Cathy McMorris Rogers in Spokane.  She is among the worst of the Trumpies.

Joe is an awesome candidate with a real chance to win, but ….

Sanders has actually campaigned for progressives, gave money to down ticket progressive campaigns.

Hillary CryingThe Clinton campaign? Same story.   Of course hse has the very real excuse that she has to put all her energy intp the race againt Trump.  Nonetheless the same is true across the US as in PA where the Dems lok to be losing the Senste race even though she is going to win the Presidential race. 

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