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BREAKING NEWS: Texas is within four points.

New poll: Trump lead shrinks in Texas, within margin of error After perhaps the most damaging week of his campaign, Donald Trump’s lead in Texas has slipped to four percentage points – within the margin of error –… WWW.WFAA.COM|BY TEGNA DONATE TO OFA-TEXAS DONATE TO TEXAS DEMOCRATS DONAT[...]

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How Fast IS Seattle Growing?

A. 31,005 B. 50,234 C. 60,714 D. 77.090 E. 91.230[...]

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Adversity is Nothing #4

After hurting myself in the first game of the tournament I became a spectator. Although very disappointed that I could not play, I was glad that I had an opportunity to watch my cousin play professional basketball live. My cousin is really doing it out here. Watching him play was easily the best par[...]

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Why Is Bernie Sanders Braving Seattle’s Worst Typhoon to Campaign for Pramila?

While the Weather Bureau Is Issuing Storm Warnings: Bernie Sanders will headline a rally in Seattle on Saturday for 7th Congressional District candidate Pramila Jayapal SADLY, Bernie is offering NO EFFORT in support of any of the other candidates here.  Apparently  his “revolution” is[...]

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Why wait, VOTE NOW!


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Bernie Sanders Pops Up in Seattle To Support his Candidate, Ignores Rest of the Democratic Ticket

Senate Update: Clinton Is Surging, But Down-Ballot Democrats Are Losing Ground Neither Hillary nor Sanders seem to be doing much for local candidates.  Worse, Sanders is campaigning against local Democrats in Seattle.  Here in Seattle and WASTATE, Sanders is campaigning against Brady Walkinshaw, a[...]

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Commentary By David Brewster: The permanence of Trumpism

David Brewster Trump and Trumpism are likely here to stay for years, history suggests. Over the years, they lower norms of behavior in politics and infiltrate a party with narrow loyalists. It’s part of an international trend toward “elected autocrats.” Some hope a landslide loss w[...]

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Seattle City Council Votes on Making Public Parks Into Camp Grounds for Homeless

A runner darts between a tennis court and an encampment on Wednesday in Seattle’s Kinnear Park, on Lower Queen Anne. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times) Petition, emails, calls flood in over Seattle City Council’s homeless-rights plan The Seattle City Council is considering new regulations for[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: We get to vote .. one less electoral office

King County voters to decide on turning prosecutor into a nonpartisan job We vote on so many damn offices here that most folks have no idea whom they are voting for.[...]