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How To Keep America Great


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GOP governor says U.S. needs an authoritarian leader

Maine has the nation’s worst governor, in the person of Paul LePage, who is stupid beyond belief and has a list of outrageous statements and actions on his rap sheet. How did this caveman get elected? Well, in 2010, he got 37.6% of the vote in a four-way race, narrowly edging out his nearest r[...]

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Republican Lies; Benghazi

Prior to Benghazi, there were 13 attacks on embassies and 60 deaths under President George W. Bush How come the Republicans did not get the Bushies to  testify?[...]

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I Endorse I-735

Initiative 735 is a grassroots movement to make Washington the 18th state to ask Congress to overturn Citizens United. in 2010, the US Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v FEC that corporations, unions and special interests can spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against po[...]

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Are College Athletes Thugs?

WSU Cougars’ Logan Tago charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree assault The Whitman County Prosecutor filed charges against WSU linebacker Logan Tago on Monday, for fourth-degree misdemeanor assault and second-degree felony robbery[...]

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Mass Graves in Haiti

Reuters Hurricane Matthew toll in Haiti rises to 1,000, dead buried in mass graves By Joseph Guyler Delva PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Haiti started burying some of its dead in mass graves in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, a government official said on Sunday, as cholera spread in the devastated[...]

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PETITION: Seattle Parks Should NOT Be Used As Homeless Encampments

Stop Seattle From Turning Our Parks Into Homeless Encampments I just signed a petition at Please join me in supporting this important… Share[...]

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TRUMPISM: Nigeria Limits Bank Withdrawals

Chinazor Onianwah  It is getting worse in Nigeria folks. Just received notification from GT bank I can withdraw no more than $250.00 per month. If you are doing business in Nigeria, you can’t get your money out. How is this happeneing in an oil rich democracy?  Meet the president of Nigeria.[...]

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Kol Nidre