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BREAKING NEWS: Trump plans Трамп Москва, Russian Trump Tower

After denying his interest in Russia, it now appears that the Russian media have revealed that Mr. T. plans to construct a skyscraper in Russia, similar to New York’s famous Trump Tower. The plans were confirmed during his visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe 2013 pageant taking place at Crocus C[...]

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Putin Cancels Campaign Event with Trump – The New Yorker

“As the father of two daughters, I cannot condone or defend Mr. Trump’s behavior,”… S NEWYORKER.COM|BY ANDY BOROWITZ[...]

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Buffett: Here are MY TAXES!

Trump: Warren Buffett avoids taxes like me. Buffett: Nope, and here’s my taxes to prove it. What a burn. Share VOX.COM|BY DYLAN MATTHEWS[...]

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Horsey on Trump

David Horsey There seem to be quite a few Trumpistas who are enthusiastic about copying various South American and East European countries where political opponents are jailed after an election……/la-na-tt-debate-debased-20161010-s…[...]

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Of God, Religion and Trump

Pat Robertson: It’s ‘macho’ for Trump to grab women ‘by the p*ssy’ without permission Ex-prosecutor Jeff Sessions won’t say forcibly grabbing a woman by the genitals is sexual assault Sessions said after Sunday night’s debate that Trump used “improper language,” but he refused to c[...]

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Trump’s mastery of new media

David Brewster Amid all the commentary on the presidential debate, I find this article most interesting. It traces Trump’s mastery of new media, through sensation and threading plot lines that other media can’t resist. It’s catching up with him now, but I worry that other politicia[...]

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HORSESSASS: Where the election stood before debate 2

CLINTON V. TRUMP   Clinton Trump 92.5% probability 7.5% probability 300 electoral votes 238 electoral votes SENATE 2016   Senate Democrats* Senate Republicans 29.5% prob. of a majority 70.5% prob. of a majority Mean of 49 seats Mean of 51 seats[...]

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Why I oppose vote by mail

Vote by mail is: a. conducive to fraud. We already have the exmaple of Kshama Sawant holding a voting party where ballots presumably for her were traded for booze at a Seattle bar.   b. destructive of debate. Just look at the presidential campaign. Both sides are attempting to pack the mail with ea[...]

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SMS on the debate and FARS.

I attended last night’s debate in disguise. I wore a Trump mask and to my surprise I was applauded and smiled at by a crown of very leftist Dems. Why?  Why did they not just get mad?  I  think the left is  overwhelmed by Trumpism because they are dealing with something very different, a [...]