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50th Anniversary of Death of Che


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Sean Hannity Compares The Donald to The David

Sean Hannity defends Trump grabbing p*ssy: ‘King David had 500 concubines’[...]

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David Brewster on The $54 Billion Sound Transit Prop 1

David Brewster   Seattle Times runs pro-con op-eds on Sound Transit vote. The opposition case is particularly well made by Chuck Collins; odd that the case in favor comes from a California head of Sierra Club, not a local. Collins makes good points about limited impact on congestion, failure of tr[...]

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Washington state about the worst in nation in terms of taxing the top 1 percent.

Two political scientists, Paul Pierson and Jacob Hacker, argue that the path to prosperity lies through blue states, which invest in education, infrastructure and human services, rather than red states, which cut taxes and rely on extractive industry. The charts are interesting, particularly the one[...]

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HUSKY PRIDE : A Nobel and a Blowout


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Of St. John Paul II and the Donald

Yesterday I saw the concluding class of a twenty-session study on the history of the Catholic Church by a professor from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He spoke how St. John Paul II wanted to create “a culture of life and a civilization of love.” How did he do? It seems that a lo[...]

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PRES DEBATE # 2: What if Trump shows up in drag?

So if debates #1  and 2 were yelling matches, then debate #3 must be a beauty contest? Ask Mike Pence.  [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Was Alexander Hamilton a Trumpie?

“Manufacturers, who listening to the powerful invitations of a better price for their fabrics, or their labor, of greater cheapness of provisions and raw materials, of an exemption from the chief part of the taxes burdens and restraints, which they endure in the old world, of greater personal inde[...]