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BREAKING NEWS: Pence Wins the debate


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HAMAS’ Antisemitism: Why Two States May Never Happen

Following close after Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PLO, courageously attended the funeral for  Simon Peres, a movie about about Anne Frank has raised the issue of antisemitism within Abbas’ rivals, the leadership of Hamas. Croatian director Jakov Sedler made Anne Frank: Then and Now  to[...]

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Hurricane Causes Evacuations 100 Miles Inland in South Carolina!

This is scary.  The zone affected includes not only the Boeing plant but my sister’s home in North Charleston!  CHARLESTON, S.C. – Hurricane Matthew is expected to have 100 mph winds when it brushes or hits South Carolina on Friday night.   South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has dec[...]

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TRUMP’s LAWYER SPEAKS OUT “So Donald Trump is my candidate, right? He is NOT!”

I like authenticity, especially as compared to survey-tested or heavily spun. I am prepared to let a candidate say something that I don’t completely agree with and still support him or her. I think the need to be politically correct has gone too far. I also think the media often hypes and slants s[...]

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Boris Johnson says Brexit vote does not mean leaving Europe ‘in any sense’ Boris Johnson has said the result of the EU referendum must be respected – but that it did not mean leaving Europe “in any sense”. Speaking outside the Foreign and… WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK[...]

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Get your flag cheap


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Explaining how evolution went from theory to fact

Over on FACEBOOK, a friend posted this question: Is  there anyone who can link me to some scientific studies backing evolution? Many are available but I need to find something that is  easy to swallow. Here is a simple answer:   Darwin’s theory was that animals inherit traits from their p[...]