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Why would the Donald Want to Win?

While the calls for Trump to resign because of his sexual aggression mount, Mr. T may have reasons of his own. After all, where would Donald take sex targets?  The crummy apt in White House is not very romantic.  Would there be a kick in doing the derd in the Lincoln bedroom? Then there is lots [...]

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The other side of the mountains

For those who believe that the Eastside beyond the Cascades is all Trump and and GOP, to pay more attention to the Tri City Herald. The Herald  has endorsed  Cyrus Habib for Lt. Governor, Pat McCarthy for Auditor, Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, and Jennifer Goulet for State Rep in the 9th LD.[...]

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CHINA: Theoretical system of CPC underpins China’s development, provides lessons for Vietnam: expert

HANOI, June 29 (Xinhua) — The Communist Party of China (CPC) attaches great importance to theoretical work and has established its own socialist theoretical system with Chinese characteristics, which guides reforms and openness as well as fortifying socialism, enhancing citizens’confiden[...]

October 3rd, 2016 - 11:25 am § in The Ave Scene

Cascadia: The New Tech Corridor

David Brewster Led by Microsoft and Madrona Investment Group, there’s revived interest in a Vancouver-Seattle technology corridor. Partly this is driven by Microsoft’s interest in hiring foreign workers, who have an easier time gaining residence in Canada than in U.S. Partly it is B.C.&[...]

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Understanding The Donald’s Taxes

Donald Cay Johnstone is the tax expert and economist who has explained the Trump’s taxes. Worth a read. A brief summary: Trump combined tax benefits under Section 1231 of the Internal Revenue Code with the exception provisions in Section 108. In less legalistic terms, in 1990  Trump over pai[...]

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Bertha Hits Half Way

The troubled but refurbished  tunnel machine Bertha resumed drilling, continuing its long journey, has gotten to the Pike Place Market![...]

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FRANCE: Trumpism

Marine Le Pen, the chauvinist candidate of the far right, is dominant on the right and  gaining ground among left-wing circles. 50% of the electorate think that Ms Le Pen is a ‘major’ political player.  62 per cent – think both Mr Hollande and Mr Sarkozy were  equally “bad” president[...]