SUNDAY REVELATIONS: A Catholic Friend Agonizes Over the 2016 Election

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Clickme to read more of Francis Jacobson’s remarkable thoughts.

I’m not sure how to articulate this, but there are a number of personal “vice grips” I see in this election. I’ve also been reluctant because as soon as it’s up I’m going to get “trolled” by a Trumpeter. Nevertheless, here goes:

1. Yes, Mr. Kaine is a Catholic, but in the orthodox Catholic media I read he is not viewed favorably. You cannot be personally opposed to infanticide and then support not only allowing it to happen but support a candidate who seems to see it as a positive good

2. The orthodox Catholic media and websites (Register, Catholic Answers, EWTN, New Oxford Review, America Needs Fatima) are all conservative. In some cases, very conservative. I have allowed myself to be angered by that slant for a long time but having been defeated in every debate I have to call it quits. If I want to be an orthodox Catholic, I’ve got to be a conservative.

3. That makes voting for Ms. Clinton an act of apostasy leaving Mr. Trump as the “lesser to two evils” and, to their credit, the Catholic media views Mr. Trump as the worst possible alternative not only for his immoral lifestyle but his chameleon support for issues that are supposed to be the Catholic vote litmus tests.

4. Mr. Trump revealed Monday his amoral approach to business. When Ms. Clinton asked him about the contractors he refused to pay, Mr. Trump said how he acted within the law. Mr. Trump did what he “could do” and “had to do” and not what was morally good. That says to me that his support for the small businessman or worker does not exist. He is simply out for himself and doing business with him would be treacherous. I knew of a businessman who was like that. He bankrupted one independent contractor and thought nothing of it. I couldn’t do that. I cannot sell my soul to gain the whole world. While I may have been willing to do that 35 years ago when I idolized the businessman in question I don’t think I could do so now.

5. Finally, I think that calling Mr. Trump’s supporters racists, xenophobes and other insults is not only uncharitable but extremely counterproductive. Why is it wrong to want tighter border controls? Why is it wrong to want some sort of “national culture”? Why is it wrong to want “law and order”? The United States is going through a major socio-economic transformation and most people are on the losing end.

Mr. Trump is a demagogue and a charlatan. However, he is keenly aware that “politics as usual” is no longer a viable option. If he does win it’s because his supporters were marginalized as malcontents who deserved to be treated as such. People answer back such insults in a forceful manner.

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