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BUCHENWALD 136: Shuldig

HistoryBitesLike Page The reaction of German prisoners of war who were forced to watch footage of what happened in the concentration camps. Of course my brother wants to destroy my father’s pictures.  Maybe he does not want his friends to see them?[...]

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World’s first Donald Trump bobbling middle finger. Make the ultimate political proclamation for 2016. Tell crooked Clinton to “stick it where the sun don’t shine” with the official F.U. Clinton Bobble finger. This one-of-a-kind bobble is the funniest Trump bobblehead on the m[...]

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How a Demagogue Came to Power n Germany

FACEBOOK  Denis Hayes “‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue,” by Volker Ullrich, from a review in NYT by Michiko Kakutani: • Hitler was often described as an egomaniac who “only loved himself” — a narcissist with a taste for self-dramatization and what Mr. Ullrich [...]

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Fair Pay

Monsanto CEO gets well-deserved $600 million bonus for last year The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Monsanto, Hugh Grant, received a performance bonus of more than $600 millions for the 2015 fiscal year,…[...]

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Where Trump Gets Voters

Not every Trump voter is a racist, antisemite, or other deplorable BUT:  White nationalist leader: ‘Every alt-right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign’ Although Donald Trump has repeatedly disavowed the support of David Duke and…[...]

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The UW Argues About A Union

A dialog from from AAUP listserv GAUTHAM P. REDDY to Faculty Amy, Congratulations on undertaking this fascinating and innovative study that demonstrates the benefit that unions have provided (and likely will continue to provide) for working people in our nation. It is unfortunate that union members[...]

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It is Not Oil that makes Democratic States Richer

Two political scientists, Paul Pierson and Jacob Hacker, argue that the path to prosperity lies through blue states, which invest in education, infrastructure and human services, rather than red states, which cut taxes and rely on extractive industry. The charts are interesting, particularly the one[...]

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Fostering war: HAMAS calls for day of rage as man of peace dies.

Hamas calls for ‘Day of Rage’ during Peres funeral Terror group says ‘Palestinian people are very happy’ at former president’s death, calling it ‘a new phase of weakness’ for Israel Share TIMESOFISRAEL.COM[...]

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TRUMPISM of the day

Trump Goes BALLISTIC Over New York Times Calling Him A Liar, Threatens To Sue With Made Up Law The New York Times called out Trump so hard that he’s now making up laws to sue…[...]