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Donald Trump Is the Only One Who Doesn’t Know He Lost the Debate

Hillary Clinton worked Donald Trump as if she was Muhamud Ali and Trump was George Foreman back in the the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle.[...]

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TRUMPISM: Land Fraud

LOS ANGELES – When Stephenee Simms heard in 2006 that Donald Trump was building condo towers in Baja California, Mexico, the lure of a posh weekend getaway on the rustic coast just south of Tijuana was hard to resist. Simms, then an aerospace purchasing agent living in Los Angeles, said she used h[...]

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Cop resigns after beating homeless man

Houston police officer Jairus Warren resigned Monday after internal review recommended firing him for the Sept. 15 baton beating of a homeless man in a train station. The question is, will Warren get another police job? Many departments will be eager to hire this cop, because they’ll get someo[...]

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The Guardian: ” Clinton, Holt put Trump on defensive”

Hillary Clinton keeps her cool in chaotic first meeting; Republican ‘behaved like a heckler’; Colombia government and Farc rebels sign peace deal Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump greet the audience at the end of the first presidential debate at Hofstra University. Photograph: Joe Raedle/AFP/Gett[...]

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THE AVE DEBATE PARTY: A Quick Sketch From Last Night’s Debate

Over 80  folks showed up for the debate party at Fremont’s new bar Hotel-Hotel. Commentary by The-Ave graphic artist, Bill Morse: Like many members of the community I went to our debate party at Hotel-Hotel. At the time I thought it went really well I wasn’t sure that it went well eno[...]

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Jimmy Carter on the 2106 campaign

In a campaign driven by personality and bigotry,  not policy, too many are ignoring Clinton’s real accomplishments and voting for or against Trump.  Jimmy Carter spoke out. ‘I think there will be a positive reaction after this election. I pray it will come out a certain way, but I think[...]

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Southern cops and body cameras

Protests erupted in Charlotte last week after another black man was gunned down by cops. Police claim he pulled a gun, but can’t back that up. The police chief refuses to release dash and body cam videos to news media or the public. The man’s family complains they were shown only 3 minut[...]

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“Gypsy” cops and police unions

“Gypsy cops” are bad cops who are able to stay in police work, and continue abusing citizens, by moving from one department to another. Reform advocates trying to reduce police abuse want to force these repeat-offender cops out of police work permanently. For example, the Justice Departm[...]

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Chinazor: Okay! The spins are in.

Chinazor Onianwah  Who won the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Its easy to say but if you’re one of those nitwits still undecided on who to vote for, there is a simpler way to determine who won the debate. You view it through the prism of sexual intercourse. Yeah! You heard m[...]

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Radical Republicans: How The Repugnant Party Started

Lee Atwater Schooled Repubs on How to Win With Ignorant Southern Racists Where did today’s off-their rockers Republicans get their start?  How did the party of Taft, Hoover, Dewey and Eisenhower become obsessed with race and communism?   Former Republican campaign consultant Lee Atwater exp[...]