How to Destroy A Political Party

How liberal activists may have have destroyed Britain’s Labor Party

Corbyn’s performance at prime minister’s questions was famously branded a “fucking disaster” by Labour MP John Woodcock.

Jeremy Corbyn is being reelected Party Leader of Britain’s  Labour despite nearly unanimous opposition of the elected Members of Parliament from his won party.  The story is eerily similar to the current state of the GOP and may be an important lesson for America’s Democrats and GOP (Trumpists).

Very much like the Trump and Bernie campaigns,  Corbyn’s campaign has brought out  huge crowds during 59 ralliess and membership in Labour is surging.   In a symptom reminiscent of our own Bernie’s “Revolution,” Corbyn’s “Momentum” is publicly accusing party officials of “rigging” the leadership contest. Nonetheless in England, parties vote by party membership and it seems certain that Corbyn will win the popular vote from Labour’s 500,000 member.

Jeremy Corbyn



For Party regulars,  Corbyn’s detractors, mass rallies and even a vote of the membership do not necessarily translate into success in a general election.  Cameron never held huge rallies. and Tory party membership is only around 130,000. Yet like Clinton winning the Democratic nomination, Cameron won the  general election victory in 2015.

Corbyn’s grassroots supporters provided the sort of  landslide victory our own Bernie Brigade tried for here. Like the GOP regulars, the overwhelming majority of Labour MPs see Corbyn  as a demagogue,  incompetent and an existential threat a parliamentary system where designated members of each party run in each district.  80% of Labour’s 230 MPs passed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn leading to the special election.   Smith, Corbyn’s opponent, was selected as a token candidate because of the fear the the Tory Prime Minister will  force a snap general election and take advantage of Corbyn’s unpopularity with the general electorate.  Now it appears that Smith will lose to Corbyn  and, the Tories  may be a permanent fixture for some time.

In 2015, Corbyn said annual leadership contests could be a good idea. Now leader, he has changed his mind.


Self-dubbed moderate MPs declared “it’s our party too!” as they called on anti-Corbyn activists to stay in the party and fight

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