Christian Republican Delusions

Christian Delusions of Grandeur With Just a Soupçon of Black Bigotry Toward The Jews*

“In that sense my ancestors invented the alphabet. “

Atlanta Black Star

During  the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rep. Steve King claimed that Western Civilization (white people) have contributed more to the world than any other “sub-group”. This video explores why he is tragically wrong.


*Like all other Christians, the African Americans are told the false story that the alphabet came from the “Phoenicians.”  This one goes further to describe the Phoenicians as descendants of the Canaani ..

The peoples of the land bordering the southeastern Mediterranean  were generally called Cananni or Canannites.  Along the coast to the north ..modern Lebanon, lived the Phoenicians.  They Phoenicians had a huge trading empire with ships and ports from Gibraltar to the Bosporus straight.

I1Canaani living in the mountains of  modern Israel/Palestine became the first Hebrews, with a distinctive culture religon and a variant of the Canaani language .. what we now call Hebrew. This happened over 3000 years ago.

Canaani, the written language, used symbols for consonants .. something true of other Semitic languages going back as far as the Sumerians.

The written Hebrew language differed from all previous written languages and Canaani  in using certain consonants as vowels.  This made Hebrew much easier to read and write and is believed to have  made the Jews the first people where common people could read and write. The Greeks later added specific symbols .. the A E I O U we now use to represent vowel sounds.

By the time of Greek dominance, the Phoenicians were a major force .. the stories of Homer describe war between the Greeks and the Trojans .. that is the people of the Phoenician city of Troy.  By that time, the Cananni had been assimilated by the Judeans.   The same is true of another coastal people, the Philistines.. their name is the source of the modern words Philistia (Latin) or Palestine.   The only descendants of the Canaani today are the Jews and Arabs.

Cananni/Hebrew writing was immensely useful of Phoenician ships .. leading to the modern terms ..”phonetic” to represent an alphabet with vowels and “bibliography” to represent the Phoenician city of Biblos.

Jewish merchants on Phoenician ships spread with the trade as far from their homes as Spain .. where my ancestors settled . and even England.

In that sense my ancestors invented the alphabet. 

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