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Gary Johnson’s Inane View of Global Warming


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An Invitation to Watch The Debate in Seattle With an Outstanding Moderator at a Great New Bar

Monday night THE-Ave.US and the Hotel-Hotel bar are going to have Joe Pakootas , candidate for Congress in Eastern Washington, as a local commentator for the first 2016 Presidential campaign debate. Joe is an outstanding candidate running against Kathy McMorris Rogers in the 5th CD of Washington St[...]

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GOP congressman explains Charlotte riots

Black people protest white cops killing black guy. White Republican congressman responds, “they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” Actually, I suspect it’s more about white cops killing black people and getting away with it. Should we clue him in, or [...]

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Where’s the gun?

For three nights Charlotte, North Carolina, has experienced riots in the wake of a police killing of a black man named Keith Lamont Scott. The cops say he refused to obey commands to drop a gun. His family says he was unarmed. Earlier this week, the police chief said he would show video from police [...]

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Trump the Thug


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The Housing Market in Seattle ,, burn, baby, burn.

Ken Kailing  As an regional and urban planner in my time, I find the escalation of rents in Seattle very troublesome. Certainly, it is a matter of social equity. But more than that it’s a matter of City Pride. The rent and general housing issues in our city are contentiou[...]

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Christian Republican Delusions

Christian Delusions of Grandeur With Just a Soupçon of Black Bigotry Toward The Jews* “In that sense my ancestors invented the alphabet. “ Atlanta Black Star During  the 2016 Republican National Convention, Rep. Steve King claimed that Western Civilization (white people) have contribu[...]

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JP: Law and order, Duterte style

Let me state up front that, like it or not, Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the President of the Philippines and Filipinos have a stake in his success. His success should be for the whole country and critics should premise their views upon this fact. That said, let me point out a few things. By many accoun[...]