US Navy sailor abruptly gives birth on aircraft carrier at sea

navy-babySo this sailor had been complaining of stomach pain.  The she  give birth to baby girl aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier in the middle of flying combat missions over Iraq and Syria.  The mother claimed to be unaware of the pregnancy as well.
According to Navy policy, a servicewoman must notify her chain of command of her pregnancy no later than two weeks after a physician confirms it. The family practitioner who delivered the baby Sunday aboard Ike is certified in childbirth and had prior experience delivering babies. In addition, many members of the ship’s medical department have been trained to deliver and care for a newborn,’  Infant diapers, baby formula and an incubator were flown out to the carrier on the day of delivery,
The baby and mother were flown to a hospital in Bahrain by helicopter.


“As the baby was born at sea aboard an operational unit, the main focus for the U.S. Navy, the ship and its crew is the safety and well-being of the baby and the mother,” Fifth Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Bill Urban said in a statement to Stars and Stripes on Tuesday.

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