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September 14th, 2016 - 6:41 pm § in The Ave Scene

First They Moved Management to Chicago and Then Manufacturing to South Carolina, Now Boeing is Outsourcing Engineering to Sweden!

Boeing Needed International Help to Build New Training Jet BY MARCUS WEISGERBER DEFENSE ONE A decade of layoffs forced the US giant to seek engineering and manufacturing talent from partner Saab. It seemed so all-American: a U.S. aviation giant unveiling its newest military jet to flashing lights an[...]

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Jerusalem – Israeli Intellectuals: ‘End The Occupation’

Israeli artists and intellectuals urge world Jewry to challenge Israeli policy toward Palestinians. In an open letter released Wednesday they say, “we call upon Jews around the world to join with Israeli partners for coordinated action to end the occupation.” The 470 signatories include authors [...]

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Trump Supporter Peter Thiel thinks young people’s blood can keep him young forever

PayPal co founder Peter Thiel  and early inverstor in Facebook is Trump’s biggest “tech” supporter. Most of the tech community is opposed to Donald Trump.  Trumps outspoken opponents even include Meg Whitman, foundng CEO of PayPal, and former GOP candidate for governor of Cal[...]

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Greedy bastards voting guide

If you’re a crass greedhead, who thinks of nothing but grabbing as much money for himself as possible, preferably without working for it, this graph will help you understand which party you should vote for in order to advance your own self-interest.  [...]

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FACEBOOK FAVES: On Being a Girl in North Carolina

FACEBOOK Reidun MacGregor What are we supposed to do, carry copies of our birth certificate around? I was born female and still am female, but am 5’11” with big hands and feet and not much of a chest so I could be beaten by assumption that I could be transgender…Seriously this who[...]

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Baby Nurses On Strike

Nurses at Children’s Hospital need our support. Give a wave, honk or join their line and rally on Sandpoint Way NE today. We’re talking about maternity leave for the nurses who care for the highest need infants, staffing levels, forced overtime, cost of living.[...]

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US Navy sailor abruptly gives birth on aircraft carrier at sea

So this sailor had been complaining of stomach pain.  The she  give birth to baby girl aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier in the middle of flying combat missions over Iraq and Syria.  The mother claimed to be unaware of the pregnancy as well. According to Navy policy, a s[...]

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Radical Republicans

If you like science denial .. try this one:[...]

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Trumpism of the Day: Donald Trump Loses Again

Emmys:  RuPaul Named Best Reality Host The Apprentice Snubbed The awards were handed out over two nights this weekend in Los Angeles. RuPaul won the Emmy Award for outstanding host of a reality or reality competition series on Sunday night for Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.   American Idol[...]