Kshama Sawant vs. Hillary Clinton

Sawant is the Donald Trump of the left.  Like Trump her ego overbalances any rational ideas.  She demonizes Mrs. Clinton with all the subtlety of Rush Limbaugh.

I also am upset by Kshama Sawant’s racism.  Is Sawant a person of color?   She is high caste, a Hindu from the Brahman caste .  If she were a real Socialist, rather than  a sloganeering radical, Sawant would understand class and privilege.  As someone supposedly opposed to racism, she would not have used her complexion as a campaign tool when she defeated an African American woman for city council in Seattle.

As a Socialist with a PhD in economics Sawant should understand the reality of class privilege.  She should .. and probably does … realize that Brahmans who come to the US from that caste are anything but oppressed  … not just with amazing political success   but financial success that puts them above ALL other ethnic groups of any “color”.    Indian immigrants to the US achieve  incomes far above Black Americans, earning 180% above the level of “white” Americans.  

Racism, oppression based on skin color, is very real but Sawant’s identifying herself with the oppressed is itself a form of racism.  

Finally, close your eyes and listen to her talk.  Listen
to the hate radio rhetoric about Hillary Clinton. Other
Kshma Sawant’s  identity politics, how is she different than Mr. Trump? 

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