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Best Buy Liquidates Apple Watch Nobody Wanted Anyway

Best Buy’s Liquidating Original Apple Watches, Starting at $189 Apple just released a new Apple Watch with GPS and better water resistance, and took the rare step of adding a faster processor to the original model as well. If you don’t think you need the extra speed though, Best Buy’s liqu[...]

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TRUMP’s WORLD: How the North Korean Bomb Was Reported in PRAVDA

  USA and South Korea deliberately work to make North Korean regime invincible Why does the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) need nuclear weapons? What is the role of the USA in the rivalry between the two Koreas? How do people live in today’s DPRK? Pravd[...]

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Pakootas for Congress

Pakootas for Congress In case you were wondering how our Representative spent the seven week recess… GOP leader spends recess in search of cash Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the House Republican Conference chair, has been especially busy on the fundraising circuit. POLITICO.COM|BY RACHAEL BADE Windo[...]

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Commentary by Chinazor: Nigerian Pride

Meanwhile The Nigerian press is awake! If Buhari still thinks he could lie his way through governing like he did as a despot, he is in for a shock. The press is not only free in Nigeria, it is loud and bombastic. FG spends N5bn on Presidential fleet in 15 months – Punch Newspapers Nigeria [&he[...]

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TRUMPISM: Nato Speaks Out

BREAKING: Head of NATO Slams Trump When He Shows His Ignorance On Foreign Policy[...]

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The NFL Begins: Is Your TV Big Enough?

Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal writes about the NFL and large screen TVs ….” May we interrupt the non-stop coverage of beach badminton, speed chess and robotic bullfrog racing in this space to bring attention to a niche but deserving sport in America:  Professional tackle football[...]