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David Brewster: The Coming Partisan Breakup

David Brewster Valuable survey of electoral blocs in this election by Michael Barone. A sample of the close-grained look: “Certain demographic groups resisted Trump’s appeal: Mormons, Dutch-Americans in northwest and central Iowa and western Michigan, German- and Scandinavian-Americans in Wi[...]

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Don Phil: The Expatriate Speaks

Philip Herzog Hola Amigos, Since arriving in Medellin we have been walking a lot and getting to know the city. Not having a car helps in that regard. However, the walking has taken its toll and my right knee osteoarthritis began to worsen. A few weeks ago the pain suddenly became quite bad to the [&[...]

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What Happens November 9?


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I Love Sushi


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Spandex Pants

Tom Davidson FACEBOOK When I got to Lowe’s yesterday, the young, attractive gal parked next to me was busy loading her car. It was some pretty heavy stuff, and I was gonna ask if she needed help, but there were already two Lowe’s employees standing there – presumably helping her, [...]

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How Gerrymandering can destroy Democracy ..and maybe hurt the GOP

The Republicans’ big gerrymander could backfire in a major way Meet the “dummymander.” WASHINGTONPOST.COM[...]